Nesrin Ates is researcher and lecturer at the Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism at the University of Innsbruck. She was project manager of the lead partner of the AAL pilot region West-AAL ( and was responsible for the design of the user involvement activities within the overall duration of the project. Additionally Nesrin was involved in several national and international AAL projects since 2009, such as e.g. 2PCS (AAL JP Call 3 in 2010), SECONET (FFG benefit) tAALxonomy (FFG benefit) or on a voluntary basis AAL Products ( Her main research focus is on user involvement activities, user centric design and design science research in information systems in the domain of AAL.

Nesrin is coordinating the Austrian AAL pilot region West-AAL.

Markus Garschall, Expert Advisor at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, has many years of experience researching the relationship between humans and technology. He has participated in several national and European research projects related to the topic of active and healthy ageing, coordinating the projects vAssist (2011-2015) and SUCCESS (2017-2020). In his research he focuses on the the role of technlology in enabling social innovation and the design and evaluation of multi-modal user interfaces. As speaker and organizer of national and international events and workshops, Markus addresses communication and collaboration challenges related to AAL and eHealth innovation projects. Aiming at bringing together stakeholders from research, industry, care and the public sector, Markus is leading a working group on challenges in designing for an ageing society within the national innovation platform AAL Austria.

Markus is part of the project team of the Viennese AAL pilot region WAALTeR.

Kurt Majcen joined JOANNEUM RESEARCH in 1995, after graduating in information technology from Graz University of Technology. As a member of the Cultural Heritage group, he built up valuable experience with European projects in the cultural heritage area (museums, libraries and archives). He was JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s internal project manager of a project (Enabling Services) with the Joint Research Centre (Centre of Earth Observation) in Ispra (Italy), project coordinator of the European healthcare project NDSNET and leader of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH team for the project CLINICIP. Amongst various other projects he was responsible for the JOANNEUM RESEARCH part in the audio-visual archive project PrestoPRIME and coordinated the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL-JP) Project ALICE. Beside this project Kurt coordinates activities and projects in the area of AAL within JOANNEUM RESEARCH. Further he is consulting JOANNEUM RESEARCH in information management activities. Establishing a technical system and maintaining ISO-14155 compliant procedures for data management within clinical studies at the institute are within his responsibility.

Kurt is coordinating the Styrian AAL pilot region RegionAAL.

Johannes Oberzaucher acts as professor for Active and Assisted Living at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), is the lead of the department for “Health and Assistive Technologies” at the Institute for Applied Research on Ageing (IARA) and is part of the Austrian „Research Group for Assisted Living Technologies“ (RALTEC).
From a technological perspective he gained a broad experience in interdisciplinary technology development based on the user-centered design approach. His special interests include smart sensors, sensor fusion, HCI/HRI and AAL environments. In a socio-technological perspective he has experience in the field of UX (user-experience) and acceptance analysis as well as socio-technological study planning and implementation. He had the project- and WP-lead in several AAL related projects (e.g. Smart VitAALity (2017-2020), CARE4TECH (2016-2019), KSERA (2010-2013), eSHOE (2008-2010)).

Johannes is coordinating the Austrian AAL pilot region smart vitAALity.

Felix Piazolo is Associate Professor at the Andrássy University in Budapest (Chair in Business Administration I) and additionally postdoc researcher at the Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism at the University of Innsbruck as well as lecturer at diverse universities in the areas of strategic management, enterprise information systems and innovation processes (including AAL projects). He has studied at the University of Innsbruck, the University of St. Gallen and the University of Granada and holds a Ph.D. in business economics. As project manager and key researcher he has been involved in several national and international AAL research projects, such as e.g. 2PCS (AAL JP), FairCare (AAL JP), gAALaxy (AAL JP) HyCaT (FFG benefit), SECONET (FFG benefit), and supported West-AAL (FFG benefit), tAALxonomy (FFG benefit) as well as on a voluntary basis AAL Products ( Felix is also one of the founders of the AAL project spin-off 2PCS Solutions GmbH (


Universität Innsbruck AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Joanneum Research Fachhochschule Kärnten